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Februar 2010 - Munai Ki & Ciara Mc Ardle



For years high Peruvian Shamans kept their secrets and practices hidden, awaiting the time when humanity would need them most.    





Now is that time!


They have shared these powerful transmissions to help people transit smoothly into the New Earth. These are the Laika people of Peru, whose ancient prophecies coincide with those of the Mayans and Hopis. The transmissions give us keys to help change the architecture of our Luminous Energy Field so as to adapt to the new energies in the run up 2012 and beyond. They provide us with the seeds, and practices on how to grow these seeds.  Most people who receive these rites instantly feel a direct connection to this lineage. They help us heal our past, ancestral lineage and assist us to develop our potential so that we become powerful co-creators in our lives. Once you have completed the 9 Rites you are then able to pass these Rites on

so that the benefits are received by many.

Event:                        Munay Ki Transmissions Part 1


Venue:                      Klub Salsa Libre Academia, Å tihova 5, Ljubljana


Dates & Times:        Sat 6th Feb  5pm – 9pm

                                   Sun 7th Feb 5pm – 9pm

                                   Mon 8th Feb 5pm – 8.45pm


Investment:              € 150


Language:                English with Slovene Translation


Topics that will be covered:

Basic Introduction to Peruvian Shamanism; Background and Origins of the Munay Ki Transmissions; Opening Sacred Space; the Luminous Energy Field, Transmission of the four 'Foundation Rites'; Connecting to the relevant Archetypes; Fire ceremony

These transmissions will be passed on by Ciara Mc Ardle, Sacred Space facilitator & Transpersonal Counsellor from Ireland. For further information and details please see
Registration & Info: Contact Maja Bratuz on Tel: +386 (0)318 94710,

email: or Sabina Remškar, email:,
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