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Sun gazing & Hira Ratan Manek

Dvourni seminar o ZRENU V SONCE – Hira Ratan Manek iz Indije


Enkratna priložnost za vse »ljubitelje sonca«.

V ponedeljek 5. julija nas bo zopet v Sloveniji obiskal Hira Ratan Manek iz Indije.


Preprost način zdravljenja vašega uma, telesa in duha brez zdravil, terapij, diet, modnih muh ali "instant" metod.  V 3 mesecih lahko začutite ravnovesje uma in čustev.  V roku 6 mesecev se začnejo zdraviti telesne bolezni.  Po 9 mesecih, žarite od življenja.  Mir in jasnost prežame zavest. Energije je veliko in lakota se umakne.


Kot boste videli, je zrenje v sonce sprehod, potovanje, vzpostavitev odnosa s soncem, ki je jedro vsega življenja na našem planetu. Darilo sončne svetlobe morda postane najpomembnejši element v vašem življenju, ko skozi postopke zrenja v sonce iščete odgovore. Več kot mantra, več kot molitev...zrenje v sonce odpira vrata globokemu poznavanju univerzalne resnice.


Starodavne civilizacije so uporabljale sončno energijo za zdravljenje telesa.


Hira Ratan Manek (HRM) - navdihovali so ga nauki Lorda Mahavir of Jainsa, ki je to metodo prakticiral pred dva tisoč šeststo leti. Ostali navdihi so prišli od antičnih Egipčanov, Grkov in prvotnih Američanov.



KJE:    Klub Salsa Libra Academia , Štihova ulica 5, Ljubljana (Župančičeva jama)

KDAJ: ponedeljek 5. julija ob 18. uri – do cca. 20. ure

VSTOPNINA:            le »LOVE donation« - prispevek ljubezni

Obvezne PRIJAVE:     na mail do 1. julija



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Monday 5th of july 2010 at 18.h at Klub Salsa Libre Academia


Discover how sun-gazing stimulates and nourishes the pineal gland, stills the mind, energizes the whole body, and opens a door to intimate knowledge of universal truths.

Sun Gazing Process

We have a super computer in our bodies given to us by the nature, which is our brain. HRM (Hira Ratan Manek) calls it the “brainutor”. The brain is more powerful than the most advanced super computer. Each and every human being is gifted with innumerable talents, and infinite inherent powers by nature. Individuals should never underestimate themselves. Everyone is gifted. If we make use of these powers we can take ourselves to great levels. Unfortunately, these infinite inherent powers are programmed in that part of the brain that is largely dormant and goes unused. Even medical science agrees we hardly make use of the brain but about 5-7% – the most brilliant of humans like Albert Einstein is reported to have used only about 32% of their brains.

If we can activate the human brain and awaken these infinite powers inherent in ourselves then we can raise ourselves to higher levels.  We can achieve any results we want.  In order to operate the brain effectively, it needs to be activated.  Being a holistic entity it needs a holistic power supply.  Sun energy is the source that powers the brain, which can enter and leave the human body or the brain only through one organ that is the human eye.  Eyes are the Sun Energy’s entry door to the human brain. They are also known as the windows of the soul.  Recent research has found out that the eye has many functions other than vision.  And more information is continuing to be revealed about the functions of the eye.  The eyes are complex organs and they have 5 billion parts much more than a spacecraft that has about 6-7 million parts.  By this, you can see the immense capacity of the human eye.

HRM asserts that the rainbow is in the eye not in the sky. The seven colors of the sun is only the reflection of what is in the eye.  We can create a rainbow anytime we want – go to the garden, just observe below a source of flowing water as the sun moves above.  There you will see the rainbow.  Eye can receive the entire spectrum of the sunlight.  It’s like having a glass window.  Eye is the perfect instrument to receive all the colors of the rainbow. Since eyes are delicate parts of the body, we have to use them in such a way that they serve our purposes without getting damaged. Present day teachings and ideas such as don’t look at the sunlight at all --you will damage your eyesight; never go out in the sun as you will get cancer, are causing needless hysteria and paranoia. The more you are away from the nature, the more there is a cause for illness and you will automatically support global corporations. There are definite foolproof ways of getting the benefits of the nature without exposing ourselves to its adverse effects.  It is also as intuitive as when the  clouds gather we become gloomy.  When we see the sun, we feel energetic.

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Please drive safely & arrive early (between 17:30 and 18.00.) so we can start promptly at 18.00h and have plenty of time for Q&A.



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